Weddings are very special occasion. You want to be sure that your wedding is perfect. One of the best ways to ensure all of the elements of your wedding are cohesive is to consider making arrangements in hotels in Irvine California near the John Wayne Airport. When you choose to have your wedding in a hotel near an airport it gives your guests flying in from out of town a one-stop location when it comes to attending your wedding. There will also be plenty of rooms available for guests that choose to stay overnight. Having your wedding in a prestigious Irvine California hotel like the Atrium will make your nuptials and unforgettable and special occasion.

There Will Be Plenty of Room for Your Guests

One of the best reasons to use an upscale hotel for your wedding is that there will be plenty of room for your guests. Weddings content to be very large, up to 400 guests. It can be very difficult find accommodations that will hold that many people, and be able to provide amenities to take care of them all. Upscale hotels are more than happy to share your special occasion and will provide you with personalized service so you can relax and enjoy such a special time in your life.

Get Guidance for Your Walk Down the Aisle

Larger hotels have the space you need to exchange your vows in a garden setting, enjoy a fine dining experience with your guests, and provide spacious room for dancing in gorgeous ballrooms. You will receive service that will guide you through all of the various steps you need to plan a beautiful wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, an upscale hotel will make both the groom and bride feel very special and celebrated. Essentially, they can make your wedding and occasion to enjoy with all of the people you love the most.

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