Boutique Hotels: The Change You are Looking For

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Hotels And Motel

Novelty and change has always been a part of man’s life and though some people may seek a conventional life, most enjoy and appreciate creativity that comes with new things. Boutique hotels are one such recent phenomenon that started around 80’s and have gained popularity ever since. These are hotels that generally have a particular theme that makes them so unique. These are also called as design hotels or lifestyle hotels. One of the first hotels of such kind was The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, London.

Boutique hotels are smaller in size containing between 10 and 100 guest rooms on an average. They are also costlier because of their unique services and smaller size. All the other services that are found in other hotels like air conditioners, internet Wi-Fi, bars may be available depending on the theme of the hotels. The focus of such hotels is mostly on the atmosphere that is created and comfort of guests.

The trend of boutique hotels started mainly in US and UK, and with their popularity quickly grew the many tourist destinations around the globe. Today there are boutique hotels all over the globe and they are developing rapidly. The main reason why such hotels are popular is the surprise element they provide.

The popularity of boutique hotels depends on their Unique Selling Point. It depends how creative and new the theme is, how comfortable does it make its residents, the value for money factor and also the quality of service. Many websites now provide information regarding the same. Everyone wants hotels that give them comfort and also a change from their daily lives at homes. That is what boutique hotels have to offer which makes them so special.

boutique hotels

boutique hotels

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