Cheap Hotels: For the Extra Bucks

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Hotels And Motel

The thing that is least appealing about a foreign place is that we have to shell out our hard earned cash not just for satiating our stomach but to even rest our head which otherwise cost us nothing in our house. Especially for those people who have to travel frequently for work, spending money on accommodation can become a thrifty experience. This is where cheap hotels come in play.

Cheap hotels also play crucial role in saving expenses in the peak season of tourist destinations where there is a heavy price hike because of the volume of tourists they draw. People who think that heavy costs may yield good experiences are not necessarily right. This may mostly be true but definitely not always. Cheaper hotels on other hands may be a better substitute. The ambience of such hotels may not be plush or the facilities may not be adequate, but they help us in saving the most precious entity that world thrives on: money.

Hotels are generally cheaper for following reasons

  • Distant or unpopular tourist destination
  • Old constructions
  • Lack of amenities
  • Startup businesses
  • Risky neighborhood

Any of these reasons does not justify that the services are inadequate. Maybe there is no television or internet, but how many people really need it other than those on a business trip. Budget hotels also generally provide personalized services because they are generally small. The advantages of such hotels are mostly hygiene, facilities and security. Also because of the cost, the crowd it draws may also be a little hostile at times depending on their locations.

To generalize, if you are out on a vacation with family after a long time or so, it is better to opt out of such places, but if one has frequent trips or is out with friends, it never hurts to save some extra dime which may prove useful in a tight spot. Cheap hotels may not be the best option on the list, but they are definitely worth the heavy pockets.

cheap hotels

cheap hotels

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