Destination Hotels: Nature in Your Room

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Hotel Barge

When we travel to a region of exotic natural beauty, we want to feel as close to it as much as possible. The beauty of destination hotels lies in highlighting the best and most exhilarating aspects of nature and surroundings so much so that we feel one with it. Destination hotels are so built that they are visited by tourists not just for their comfort or amenities but also for their own distinct speciality in a particular region.

Destination hotels are often characterized by up scale and costly lodgings, their gardens and sometimes even their history. They may have panoramic view of oceans, or may be located in countryside or even in the middle of mountains surrounded by rainforests filled with chirping of all sorts of birds. The various types of destination hotels can be classified as follows.

  • Geographically remote locations which are close to natural phenomenon like volcanoes or snow clad mountains.
  • Urban settings near a historically popular city
  • Specialized activities which may include Disney Land hotels, etc.
  • Unusually constructed hotels like those made in caves, tree houses, etc.
  • Hotels of historical importance like the ones which were once forts and palaces but which are now commercially available.

Destination hotels are primarily located in natural provinces and incur a little extra cost. Their services are mostly perfected and fancy. Such is the beauty of destination hotels that their identity itself becomes associated with the fame of the tourist city. So before packing your bags next time make sure you have done your homework of where you will stay because that is what will make it an unforgettable experience.

destination hotels

destination hotels

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