There are many different types of corporate events that can take place after the doors to your business close. This is especially true for those businesses that work the typical 9 to 5 workday. Here are just a few suggestions for events that are appropriate for a rented Chicago event space.

Your Company Anniversary or Holiday Party

Everyone needs a chance to let loose a little bit with their coworkers. This is great for team building as well as getting to know people in the company that you may not have had the chance to build a rapport with previously. When most people walk into the workplace, it’s all business. Having the party at a nice space is a great way to show your employees that you really appreciate them being a part of the company. Besides, without those employees, there would be no company. Having the event at another venue also takes the liability of injuries and things like that if there was an accident.

Potential Company Sale or Merger

While this type of meeting can very well take place during business hours, it is best to host these types of events on neutral ground. This is especially true if the company that is being bought is not doing very well financially. There will have to be several members of each company as well as legal counsel present. You want to make sure that there is ample room for everyone that needs to be there. There will also be a few presentations that need to be made before the acquisition or merger, so you definitely want to make a good impression.

Retirement and/or Promotion Party

If you have a member of your staff that has been there for decades, it would be great to send them off in grand fashion, especially if they have moved to a higher position in the company. While it can be a sad occasion to see a loyal staff member leave, it is also the perfect time to celebrate with and get to know the person who will take over the position.

The reasons to rent an event space are endless. Some of them may be fun, while others may not. No matter the reason, you want to make sure that the event is done right. If you have a special occasion coming up, start planning now instead of waiting until the last minute. Contact website for your next event.

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