Be Ready to Eat the Most Scrumptious Chicago Donuts

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Donuts

It’s always a good time to get a donut. You can have them early in the morning, in the afternoon, after you go to the store and late at night. A donut won’t refuse anyone. Let’s explore why donuts are so loved in Chicago.

Easy Breakfast

There’s nothing like fresh donuts. Donuts are made fresh early in the morning. With a variety of tasty donuts, you can find everyone’s favorite. You can bring them home while they’re still warm for everyone to enjoy in their pajamas. In case of traveling, donuts are an easy breakfast to take on the road. Complete this breakfast with fresh, hot coffee.

Sweet Treat for Work

You’ll be the office hero if you take donuts to work. Get a couple of every type so everyone can get their favorite. Your coworkers will be back for seconds right away or by the time 3pm rolls around when they need a boost in productivity. This is partially why Chicago donut shops are huge. Everyone loves them, and they’re awesome.

Build Your Own Cake

For this cake, get a dozen donuts. Fill the middle of these donuts with ice cream or a filling of your choice. Turn this cake sideways. Cover the donut cake with ice cream, frosting, whipped cream and any topping you desire. Put this cake in the freezer before serving. You won’t need to cut this cake. You can use a spatula to separate each piece.

If you’ve been wondering which Chicago donut shops to go to, you should check out Stan’s Donuts & Coffee.

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