Staying boutique hotels has now become a fashionable thing. The growing craze of boutique hotels started almost a few decades ago. You will now find boutique hotels in almost every city all over the world. Many people are still unaware as to why these hotels are known as boutique hotels and what exactly are the services that they offer that makes them boutique hotels.

Certain facts about boutique hotels
We are all aware that boutique hotels are not like the regular hotels. The aim of this article is to present you some of the features of the boutique hotels. The following paragraphs shall explain in brief the factors that distinguish boutiques hotels from other hotels.

Boutique hotels should ideally have less than 100 rooms. Since their main focus personal attention to every customer, having more rooms can have them lose that service.

The ambience or the atmosphere of the boutique hotels are worth mentioning. The ethereal services offered by the hotels make them an ideal location, if you are looking to just relax. The calm environment of boutique hotels allows you some time for self indulgence which robbed from in the hubbub of everyday life. Boutique hotels exude a sense of intimacy. The personalised services make the customer feel at home.

The helpful staff at boutique hotels offers the customer a friendly and helpful service. They fulfil all the needs and requirements of their customers. They give the customer the required privacy, wanted by the customer.

Boutique hotels are a unique concept. The entire theme represents the creative thinking of people. This concept has created a niche in the market. The idea of a personal service based hotel is new to the market, giving boutique hotels the advantage.
Boutique hotels are an ideal getaway as the services that they offer helps you enjoy your stay and get engrossed in the stress free environment.



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