The capital of Idaho is Boise, which is commonly known as the city of trees. However, for the past years, the restaurant scene here has grown with tons of newcomers and veteran community icons. So, whether you’re looking for your dinner date spot or somewhere relaxing for lunch, you are about to see the top culinary places in Boise. 


If you are looking for fine dining restaurants in Boise, then your first stop should be here. Barbacoa is a restaurant that consistently gets awards for Best cocktails, best happy hour, and best desert year after year. Barbacoa means an open-fire barbeque method of cooking that was used traditionally in American and Mexican cooking.

The Barbacoas menu reflects its chef Enrique Martinez with the lounge boasting of intricate European style withs antique details that draw you in and welcome you. In addition, they have unique kinds of cocktails and a variety of dishes to choose from for your satisfaction. Their wide range of food includes Spanish, American. Mexican and Basque-inspired fare.


The restaurant is defined by local and regional ingredients, craft cocktails, and inspired design. From the moment you take your foot into Alavita, its artistic appearance is eye-catching.

The designer, Mitch Thompson, made a great space by combining natural textures of blue-granite bar countertops, custom chandeliers, and custom-built butcher block tables. All the pieces here are correctly chosen to reflect the real beauty of Alavita.

Whereby it’s the locally inspired Italian menu with fresh, Decadent desserts and house-made pasta. Alavita is an ideal place for a lunch date or a romantic date night, A meeting with friends or family. Whenever you are in Boise, this is the place that never disappoints.

If you are here for a meeting, a romantic, or a family vacation, these are some of the restaurants you should check in. And experience an extraordinary culinary experience of a lifetime Barbacoa Grill.

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