The classic method for cooking lobster involves boiling. However, the best restaurants in Boston and elsewhere in New England prefer to use the steam method. Home cooks should take their cues from the professionals and quit boiling lobster in favor of steamed lobster. The primary reasons for steaming lobster are for flavor and efficiency.

Restaurants must serve up large amounts of lobster at a time. This steaming process is more forgiving when it comes to timing, as it is tough to over-steam a lobster – however it is easy to over-boil. Steaming also produces more tender and flavorful meat, were boiling can toughen the lobster meat and make it chewy and bland.

“Chewy” and “bland” are two words that should never apply to lobster.

What about Grilled Lobster?

Once you knock the boiling method off the table, proponents of grilling lobster will be the first to present their case. Grilled lobster can be delicious, but it is somewhat more intricate to prepare than straight steaming. In fact, some methods for grilling lobster involved boiling it first.

So, essentially, one must either kill the live lobster through boiling to grill it or quickly kill the lobster and then begin the intricate process of cutting it in half and grilling until the meat is opaque. However, boiling and grilling can toughen the meat unless expertly done.

Get Steamed

Trying steamed lobster will show you how superior steaming method is for cooking. The meat will be tender and flavorful not only for eating, what for use in recipes from lobster rolls to lobster chowder and lobster Newburgh. In Boston, it’s easy to find restaurants that use this steaming exclusively. We’re sure that you’ll find a local favorite and may even develop the confidence to try steamed lobster in your kitchen.

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