Where Can You Find Vegan Sweets and Pastries in Chicago Illinois?

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Donuts

In the past, finding vegan treats and pastries was practically impossible. As the vegan diet has become increasingly popular, more restaurants have started offering vegan options. However, some places are still limited to salads and plant-milk smoothies. Can you still enjoy doughnuts, pastries and other treats, or will you have to resort to making your own recipe at home?

Where Can You Find Vegan Sweets and Pastries in Chicago?

Luckily, an increased number of pastry shops have started offering vegan options. You can enjoy sweet doughnuts and pastries made entirely from plant-based ingredients: no milk, eggs, honey or any other animal products. These pastries are just as delicious as their dairy counterparts–and sometimes they’re healthier, too. To find a bakery in your area, search “donuts near me Chicago” and look for vegan options on their website.

However, be aware that most vegan donuts are produced in a non-vegan environment. The bakers do their best to keep the ingredients separate, but there may be some cross-contamination. If that’s an acceptable risk for you, get ready to enjoy some of the best donuts around. Some bakeries have even started offering additional products like vegetarian breakfast sandwiches.

Looking for donuts? Search “donuts near me in Chicago.” Check out the menu on Stan’s Donuts & Coffee website. You can see the vegan options, browse the traditional pastries and check out specialties like ice cream shakes and freshly baked cookies. Recently, they’ve started selling savory products like scrambled egg breakfast sandwiches. They also sell drinks and coffee.

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