Difference Between Hotels and Hostels in New York City

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Hotels And Motel

Traveling on a budget is a great way to visit tons of places across the globe. When it comes to overnight accommodation, there are a number of different options. Two popular choices are hotels and hostels. New York City has a number of hotels and hostels to choose from, in a variety of locations. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to decide between a hotel, and a hostel.


Hotels often have quite a few luxuries such as a pool, private rooms, and some stays even include a meal. With these perks comes an increased cost, and some hotels in prime areas of New York City can cost hundreds of dollars per night.

Hostels are notoriously cheaper than hotels; often a fraction of the cost. Though the price per night is cheap, it doesn’t mean the hostel is. A reputable hostel will have clean bedding, security, and even a few amenities such as Wi-Fi access and a dining area.


Hotels are often located closer to prime tourist locations than hostels. New York City has so many tourist locations, however, that it would be impossible to find a hotel within easy distance of them all. Many travelers opt for hotels with the misconception that they are in better neighborhoods and therefore are safer than hostels. A good hostel will be in a safe neighborhood, and will have easy access to many tourist locations, bars, and restaurants.


Some hotels will have day trip packages available as add-ons when a traveler books his or her room. Other hotels will simply provide tourists with information about nearby attractions through pamphlets, or conversations with the front desk.

Many hostels will also have day trip add-ons available, at a significantly lower price than those offered by hotels. These day trips give travelers an opportunity to see the sights of New York City with other people from the hostel, giving an additional opportunity to socialize and meet new friends.

Social Life

When staying at a hotel, travelers often only encounter other guests in awkward elevator rides and at breakfast, if one is provided. This may be appealing to some travelers, but others crave social interaction. This is where hostels have their biggest advantage: other like-minded people. In addition to bunking with other people from around the world, those who stay in hostels have the chance to take day trips, and to really get to know their fellow guests.

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