It is fair to say that there are few things more associated with Hawaii and Hawaiian culture than luau, and with good reason. It’s one of the most incredible practices to have grown up on the islands, serving as a unique blend of dance, music, storytelling, and religious tradition. What’s more, restaurants often make use of luau to add to the dining experience. While luau is a rich tradition all on its own, and nothing can or should ever detract from that, there’s no denying that for visitors especially, there’s nothing quite like dinner and a show.

However, the best luaus in Hawaii take it a step further. They add games to the mix to make the experience even more engaging.

Case in point, witnessing or taking part in an exciting luau game in Hawaii.

Different Luau Games

One of the best things about going to a luau is the degree to which it engages its audience. In restaurants, a luau game can be a great way of further immersing visitors in their surroundings. Each restaurant has its own way of adapting the tradition of luau into a game format.

These games can involve different aspects of luau and dance, and can even directly involve the audience sometimes. Go ahead and do your research to see what kind of luau dances and games appeal to you.

Great Atmosphere

In addition to enjoying a luau game or two, your trip to one of the best luaus in Hawaii will be marked with an incredible atmosphere. The best luaus feature a wide variety of crowd-pleasing options ranging from incredible dining options to traditional Hawaiian music to those aforementioned luau dances.

If you are looking to experience Hawaii in a unique way, you’ll want to stop by for fun, games, luau, and dining at Germaine’s Luau.

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