Restaurants in Oman Offer Fine Dining

by | May 25, 2017 | Hotel

Enjoy different beverages and food outlets and take advantage of restaurants in Oman that offer fine dining. You can experience pure enticement from bars and in-house restaurants. The creations the chefs make are stimulating to your palate as well as being truly delicious and visually expressive. They are passionate about making sure to satisfy your taste buds. With a wide variety of enticing drinks and foods which range from bespoke a la carte dining to themed buffets or you can enjoy cocktails and an appetizer along the poolside. There is no shortage of inspiration and flavors; their goal is to use healthy, local, and fresh ingredients to produce the best cuisine from around the world.

Two Restaurants Provide a Wide Assortment of Cuisine

With 2 restaurants providing a wide assortment of cuisine and daily specials, drinks and foods may become your favorite part of the day. One restaurant offers all day dining as well as unique blends of regional and international flavors. They serve a regular themed breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. While dining you will be overlooking a pool and during your stay at the hotel you can enjoy changing themes and rotating menus. The fine restaurant offers pizza that is made to order and guaranteed to be fresh and a live cooking buffet. The seating options are indoor and outdoor along with also having a children’s buffet. If you prefer Mediterranean dining then the other restaurant will be more to your liking. You will find scrumptious classic specialties cooked with mouthwatering marinades, enchanting spices, fresh herbs, which delivers unique flavors and will fulfill your craving for an exotic dining experience. The menu is influenced by the regions of French, Lebanese, Greek, and Italian as well as the amazing local seafood. There is indoor and outdoor sitting available; this gives you the chance to enjoy the tranquility of the attractive marina nearby.

Excellent Dining Choices

No matter which restaurant you decide on both are excellent dining choices. Each restaurant offers a different and unique experience. Strikingly prepared entrees, main courses and exquisite, mouthwatering desserts provide a dining suitable for anybody. Delicious cuisine and drinks you have never tasted before will make this an unforgettable moment you will cherish for a lifetime!

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