Anyone who has managed hotels in Irvine California area knows a lot goes into making the perfect set up and there is a lot of thought and planning that makes a good hotel room that visitors will like. There is a lot to consider but here are five key areas of focus that must be addressed when setting up your hotel:

Room Options– offering a variety of room choices will appeal to a wider range of guests. Single beds, double beds, multiple occupancy, pet or no pets, and special policies for children are all things to think about and weigh out the pros and cons of as you set up your hotel rooms.

Amenities- the special touches in a room often make the experience perfect and help keep your guests comfortable. Cable TV, high speed wi-fi, wakeup calls, and continental breakfasts are all usually free amenities and your guests will really appreciate them!

Room Features – keeping the room neat and clean and well-furnished is important too. Aside from the bed think about desk and chairs, lighting, bathroom needs, and whether you want to have some rooms set up with in-room kitchens or fridge and microwaves for added convenience.

Grounds- guests will spend time outside of their rooms most likely so think about other things you can provide too make their stay better. Pools, gyms, vending and ice machines, laundry services and the like are great perks that can make your hotel more attractive.

ADA Regulations– most hotels today are required to be ADA compliant meaning all or some rooms must be wheelchair accessible and the rooms and property itself needs to accommodate those with various disabilities such as blindness or deafness.

There is a lot to consider when setting up a great hotel experience for your guests. A prime example of a great hotel set up correctly, with the guest’s needs front and center, is Atrium Hotel of Irvine California!

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