Although most hotels are usually safe to stay in, there are still a few tips that you can keep in mind so that you have an enjoyable trip no matter where you visit. When you arrive at the hotel, make sure you stay with your luggage until you’ve checked in and received the details for your room number. Get a map of the city hotel Chania location so that you know where everything is located to keep from wandering around places where you shouldn’t be in the building. Consider asking for a room that is on one of the upper levels as ground rooms are a bit easier to break into since the windows are closer to the ground.

If your room number or your name is announced while at the city hotel Chania location, ask to have another room assigned to you just in case someone is listening to the details. If you plan to use a credit or debit card to pay for your room, don’t put the card on the counter as anyone can record the numbers and use the information to steal your identity.

As you’re taking your belongings into your room, have someone stand at the door while you explore the room to ensure that there is no one else inside. Make sure the lock on the door is working as it should and that the peephole is clear, allowing you to see outside the door when needed. A wedge can be put underneath the door to secure it if you’re in the room alone or when you’re sleeping. Keep your phone next to your bed along with a light in the event of an emergency or if the power goes out at night. If you have to leave the room, put your belongings in the safe or in a drawer with a lock. If you are ready to book, just contact online, by email or by phone.

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