Prepare for Your Event with Catering Equipment Rental in Newberg, OR

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Hotel

Renting equipment is always better than buying when it’s for something that you don’t do frequently, and if you are putting together an event or are responsible for accommodating and feeding guests, the right equipment will definitely help you out. There are companies that specialize in party and catering equipment rental, and you should be able to find whatever you need to be successful.

Food Preparation, Presentation, and Storage

In addition to tables, chairs, and dining utensils, you will also be able to rent all of the equipment that you need to efficiently prepare food and present it in a way that is visually appealing.

From ice chests and drink dispensers to BBQ grills and chafing dishes for keeping food warm, catering equipment rental in Newberg, OR covers everything that you might need for your event. This includes service utensils, cake stands, and pitchers, and you can even rent portable bars, hot dog rollers, and racks for trays of food.

The right equipment can keep your food warm and your drinks cold while ensuring that all of your guests have easy access to each of the items.

Suitable for Any Event

The right catering equipment rental items will be suitable for virtually any event. Many of these items are simply stainless steel or glass, and the neutral appearance means that they could fit any theme or design while still being attractive and functional. Botten’s Equipment and Event Rental will also a huge inventory capable of meeting the demands of both small and large events.

Pick-Up and Delivery

In most cases, your supplies can deliver and pick-up your catering equipment rental upon request. Your suppliers will be able to explain how this works, whether or not there are any additional fees, and what they expect from you when regarding equipment returns.

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