The Complexity of Finding True Halal Pizza

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Restaurants

Halal pizza is a pizza that contains only ingredients that are permissible based on Islamic dietary law. These laws determine which foods Muslims are able to eat. Halal foods are permissible, while foods that are prohibited are considered haram. Pizza is a food that can be difficult to classify because there are so many ingredients. Some might be halal, others might not be.

Basic Rules of Halal Food

One of the major rules regarding halal has to do with the animal products used as well as how those ingredients were produced. A major rule is that Muslims are not allowed to eat products made of pork. That can make finding halal pizza in Dearborn a challenge. It is also crucial that the animals used in halal cooking were slaughtered in a specific way. Certain areas of the animal must be quickly cut to humanely kill it. Many food producers do not use this method, making it harder to find good halal pizza.

The Problem with Pizza Dough

Another issue that some pizza restaurants run into is related to the dough of the pizza. At many large chains and even small pizza shops, the dough used for the pizza includes animal products like fat or lard. This not only makes the pizza non-vegetarian, but it can make the pizza haram rather than halal. This is another reason that halal pizza in Dearborn can be hard to locate.

Pizza Tomato Sauce

The sauce of a pizza can also contain forbidden ingredients in some case. It’s not uncommon for the sauce to include animal stock or Italian sausage, which is made of pork and not halal. As such, a vegetarian sauce or one with only halal ingredients has to be used to create a true halal pizza.

It might seem that pizza is a no-no for Muslims, but that isn’t true. It just requires some research to determine which pizzas are appropriate and which are not. Once you find a pizza spot with halal pizza, it’s easy to stick with them to avoid having to deal with that problem in the future.

At Toarmina’s Pizza in Dearborn, we are happy to serve halal ground beef, pepperoni, and chicken on our pizzas. We also offer halal chicken wings. You can learn more about us and view our menus by visiting website.

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