When a couple begins dating, it may feel disconcerting to a meat lover if the new romantic interest is a vegetarian. When planning a birthday gathering to include several friends, this individual might worry whether there are any vegetarian dishes at a favorite dining establishment. Fortunately, a restaurant for big groups in Oak Brook is likely to offer numerous meat-free options.


Choosing a restaurant for big groups in Oak Brook with pizza on the menu is an ideal decision if the vegetarian likes this food. Some group members may want to share a pizza, while others prefer ordering their own. This is an easy meal to prepare without meat, including toppings like black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach. Half-and-half pizzas make ordering for a meat lover and a vegetarian very convenient.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine has other delicious meat-free options as well. Eggplant parmesan is popular even among meat lovers. Fettuccine Alfredo often is listed as a vegetarian dish with the option of adding chicken or shrimp.

Creating a Dinner

Many vegetarians are accustomed to creating their own dinner with a few items from different parts of the menu. For instance, someone might order bruschetta or garlic knots with a salad containing an array of different vegetables.

Satisfaction Assured

With these types of options, everyone in the group is assured of satisfaction. The event will be a fun one with camaraderie and laughter. The person being introduced by his or her romantic partner feels welcome, and there is no sense of awkwardness.

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