Hollywood is a nice place to be and even enjoy a meal. A rooftop brunch in Hollywood or lunch makes it even more enjoyable. What makes a good rooftop restaurant?

Convenient Accessibility

A friendly rooftop restaurant has an elevator or a platform for easier accessibility by elderly patrons or those living with disabilities. Guest-friendly staff displays easy-to-notice signs directing you to the rooftop. Signs are valuable when you are new to a restaurant and do not know the location for rooftop lunch in Hollywood. They provide logistics for accessing the rooftop, such as the elevator’s location in advance, even when booking a reservation remotely.

Wind Control Measures

The good feeling of taking in a meal in a windy place can become a disaster if a strong wind blows away the napkins, knocks down drinks, or pushes décor to the edge. Good restaurants prepare and put measures in advance to prevent the inconveniences caused by the wind just as you settle down for

rooftop brunch in Hollywood. They take precautionary measures to allow you to enjoy the breeze without interference, including the following.

• Anchoring the light items like seat cushions with strings or heavy-duty tape

• Anchoring tables and chairs when they anticipate a powerful gust

• Use thicker cloth napkins and keep them under cocktail glasses

Spacious Floor Plan

A restaurant should have adequate space for rooftop lunch in Hollywood and staff to prepare and deliver dishes. Bartenders should have all liquors, mixers, ice, cups, and essential accessories. A restaurant with most order requirements on the rooftop prevents the commotion caused by back and forth when the restaurant staff rushes to pick up or deliver orders. Minimizing deliveries from downstairs reduces instances of spills, collisions, falls, and other situations that can make a restaurant undesirable.

Call for More Details

The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood allows visitors to enjoy the beauty and glamour of Hollywood from I|O Rooftop on the 7th floor. The sophisticated oasis at the center of Los Angeles buzz has 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space to spend the day at the pool, al-fresco dining, or bar. Soothing music keeps you company. Call 323-762-1000 or visit iogodfreyhollywood.com for more information.

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