Thrilling Places to Dine In Asheville

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Hotel

While visiting this city, you’ll almost expect to be overwhelmed with breweries – and not that there is anything wrong with that! In that respect, our reputation tends to precede us. But, you may be shocked at just how many restaurants have sprouted up within the past year.

With diverse menu selections, surplus of talented chefs and food producers, and an emphasis on local sustainability, Asheville is showing to be a southern culinary oasis. Here are some new restaurants certain to satisfy even the pickiest palates.

Pete’s Pies includes a restaurant off Lexington Avenue inside downtown Asheville which provides pie – however, do not expect those sweet standards. It’s a British pub, and serves draught imports and savory meat pies (imagine shepherd’s pie). They also serve an authentic complete English breakfast on Sunday and Saturday mornings—ideal for filling up as you catch some rugby or football on the television.

Post 25 opened up this year within a convenient S. Asheville area, and provides everything from gyros, steak with chimichuri sauce, to a hamburger that has French Morbier cheese. There’s a bar that serves local beers and craft cocktails; therefore, you may settle in with family members without shuffling downtown and finding parking.

Tacos and Taps includes a drive-thru which opened directly north of downtown upon Merrimon Avenue, and provides – as you may have guessed – tacos and growlers of local beer. There is, of course, more to their menu, yet to be truthful, what more will you need?

Mountain Madre Kitchen & Agave Bar is a mouthful within more ways than one! Located in a cozy downtown spot, the restaurant has a local twist upon Mexican favorites such as Pork Belly Tacos and Carnitas. Also, there’s an agave bar, in which patrons may sample various kinds of tequila.

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