We all want to make our kids happy, and a trip to Disney World is what some parents consider the best way to see happy smiles on their kid’s faces. On the other end of the spectrum though, it is also the best way for parents to feel utterly and completely exhausted from start to finish. Disney World can be hell, both financially and physically to parents unless you plan ahead to prevent yourself from needing another vacation just to recover from the one you just had.

Saving Money
a.) Get a Rental Home Near Disney World
One of the best ways to save money is to go with another set of parents and their kids and split the amount needed to get a rental home near Disney World. Hotels on the grounds and near Disney World are incredibly expensive, especially when you go there over the weekend or during the holidays. You may wind up spending $1000 or more during the entirety of your trip just on tickets and accommodations alone! Getting a rental home near Disney World makes financial sense since these homes are rather cheap to rent on a per week basis, and splitting the bill (which you can’t do at a hotel) can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Saving Your Sanity
a.) Get Plenty of Rest
Yup, this section deals with saving your sanity. Some parents, after a long day at Disney World, simply want to rest and have nothing to do the entire day (or even the entire week for that matter). Unfortunately, with excitable children bouncing up and down, you may find yourself getting close to the breaking point. To avoid this from happening, get plenty of rest before heading to the park and even go there a bit late. The fireworks show doesn’t start until evening, anyway, so going to the park in the afternoon is perfectly reasonable. Bonus, you get to avoid the long lines.

b.) Drink a lot of Fluids
Stick to water and only water. You need a clear head when you go through the park and let’s face it, you don’t need the competition when your own headache starts after a long day at the park.
All in all, if you follow this guide’s advice in getting a rental home near Disney World from sites like Sitename and getting plenting of rest before heading to the park, you should come out all right.

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