Live Music Restaurants in Houston

by | Nov 7, 2015 | Restaurants

If you want to go and see live music at a restaurant these days, you can expect to eat only chips and pretzels. Many restaurants that combine food and music do not offer a delicious cuisine along with entertaining music. However, the city of Houston is trying to turn that around by providing their guests with delectable meals and intriguing music to go with it. Here are some restaurants that offer live music in Houston, TX


Batanga is a local Houston restaurant that offers delicious food and amazing music. It has one of the biggest patios in downtown Houston where you can a variety of different Latin bands and artists play music and entertain you while you enjoy tapas dishes from Spain, Brazil, and Columbia. You can expect to enjoy grilled avocado and steamed mussels and then dancing to the beautiful Latin sounds.

Andalucia Tapas Restaurant & Bar

At Andalucia Tapas Restaurant & Bar, you expect to eat some of the best Spanish cuisine in the city while enjoying a variety of different types of Spanish and Latin music. The food is delicious and the music creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy it. You can order items off the menu such as Penne pasta as well as Salmon and other delightful dishes.

Café 4212

Café 4212 serves up a wide variety of affordable meals such as New Orleans shrimp and grits and fried catfish. They have a Jazz ensemble that plays every Monday night and often time’s show rare jazz films on Tuesdays for your entertainment. They provide customers with a different type of music selection every night while you enjoy a traditional New Orleans-style meal.

Last Concert Café

This café-style restaurant provides customers with a Tex-Mex style cuisine that is both affordable and delicious. A variety of different styles of rock bands and musicians perform outside on the patio as well as the main stage. This is a great place for someone who is a bit more laid back and free-spirited and also enjoys rock music of its finest.

These are just a few of the great places in Houston where you can go and grab a delicious meal and listen to some great tunes. Choosing your favorite may be difficult unless you already have a favorite type of music and cuisine. Nothing goes with a great meal quite like an amazing dish.

Andalucia Tapas Restaurant & Bar provides delicious Spanish cuisine with some of the best live music in Houston, TX. Check out their website to learn more about the restaurant.

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