During all of 2020, people found that ordering in was suddenly the safest, fastest, easiest way of eating and that during the lockdown in New York, it really was the only way to get stuff to eat. However, most takeout and delivery make people morbidly obese, and while the jokes about the “Covid 20” circulated, the truth is that healthier eating was obviously necessary. If you live in New York, you probably weren’t aware of the fact that there are healthier food delivery options available. There’s even a keto food prep in Greece and Webster, NY that prepares really healthy, low-carb, fresh meals delivered to your door as often as you want. Here’s how this particular keto food prep in Greece and Webster work.

Check the Website, Look at the Meals Available

Just like any other online takeout order, you can peruse the meals available. The menu changes often so that you will not get bored. Select what you want, add it to the cart, and then pay for it. You can even order via a subscription service, but be sure to change your future deliveries if there is a meal you didn’t like after you tried it.

Order Early Enough in the Day to Have All Meals Delivered by Dinnertime

If you want to order supper and get it the same day, order shortly after breakfast. Most same-day orders will make it to your door on time. If you want to give this service a try, check out Savage Chef at

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