For some people, the aromatic flavors of slow-cooked pork are hard to beat. Smoking the ribs, loins, and briskets produces a delicious charred crust over the outside of the meat, keeping the juices inside. The result is delectable. Of course, smoky barbecue can also be made from beef, chicken, turkey, and sausage, but the real show-stopper is pork.

The Best BBQ in Saint Louis Come and savor some of the best smoked BBQ ribs Saint Louis has to offer. The menus will tantalize customers with options like pulled pork, shredded chicken, and pork steak sandwiches. Smoked whole jumbo wings and crispy Southern fried fish are also tasty options. Barbecued pork, cooked low and slow, will melt on your tongue.

Round Out Your Meal Delicious side items like collard greens, cornbread, and black-eyed peas just add another level of pleasure to your palate. You can always choose traditional ‘cue side items like slaw, baked beans, and potato salad, too. To truly enjoy the best smoked BBQ ribs Saint Louis offers, pull up a chair and grab your napkins. This is finger food at its finest. Pair it with some fried corn on the cob and some Southern deep-fried okra. A tall glass of sweet tea will round out the whole meal. Don’t forget dessert, though! Have a large wedge of some of Saint Louis’ famous pies or a big slice of cake.

While many BBQ restaurants offer friendly service in a casual setting, sometimes that just will not work for your situation. Maybe you have a family reunion, wedding, or other event coming up. Catering with great barbecue is a wonderful way to feed your guests while you relax and mingle.

This is a wonderful way to share your favorite barbecue joint with friends, too. Consider holding your next event at a Saint Louis BBQ restaurant and enjoy some of the best BBQ and ribs you’ll ever have.

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