If you love to travel, you’ve probably dreamed about visiting Rome more than once. And understandably so! Rome is a place filled to the brim with rich ancient history in the form of monuments and museums, as well as many of the artistic wonders of the world. So, it makes sense why going to Rome is a dream come true for many people – historians and art enthusiasts alike. But one mistake that many visitors to the country make is not booking in with a tour group. Many agencies offer a variety of different Ancient Rome tours, and grabbing a ticket with one gives you the best chance at seeing all of the amazing sites this marvelous city has to offer. Here are some tips for picking a tour package that’s right for you.

Pick Your Favorite Attractions

Ancient Rome has something for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see the same things. You may want to visit the The Pantheon and check out the amazing artwork there, while your partner might want to pay a visit to the Colosseum. Choosing the tours that offer something for everyone in your group is the best choice you can make. Don’t pick tours that spend a lot of time on areas you’re not interested in seeing. This saves you time and money and makes the tour more enjoyable.

Use Your Tour Guide

Lots of people feel like their tour guide is just ‘a guide’ and shy away from asking questions and building a real connection with them. But in reality, your tour guide is probably your best option for finding out information that isn’t in pamphlets or books. Asking your tour guide questions can help build your understanding of Rome, as well as make for a good connection with local people.

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