Why Frozen Custard Is Better than Ice Cream

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Restaurants

You’re in a big city living a luxurious, urban lifestyle, so treat yourself! Yes, treat. Get something sweet, creamy, and delicious; forget about ice cream, though. You can get ice cream anywhere, but NYC has some of the best frozen custard you could ask for. If you’ve never tasted frozen custard for yourself or if you’re not convinced that it’s any better than ice cream, think again! Here are a few reasons why this dessert can be superior to more common frozen treats.

  1. Frozen custard has more personality than ice cream. Much of ice cream’s texture and sweetness is more or less the same, but frozen custard can be prepared in such a way that allows for a variety of textures from thick to runny. Plus, frozen custard can even be savory! This flexibility allows professional NYC chefs to really show their stuff during its preparation.
  2. For all you nutrition fans out there, you’ll be happy to know that frozen custard has more calcium per serving than ice cream or flan-type custard. While calcium is, of course, great for your teeth and bones, it also has benefits for your muscles, endocrine system, and nerves!
  3. Frozen custard is just a richer treat. While this, of course, comes down largely to personal preference, many people will savor the dense creaminess that frozen custard has to offer. This comes as a result of egg yolks added to the milk and cream. Plus, frozen custard is churned differently than ice cream. Unlike ice cream, there is no air churned into the frozen custard mixture, which is what allows it its unique density.

The next time you’re on the hunt for a (literally) cool treat, consider fleshing out your options from ice cream and try frozen custard instead!

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