Where to Stop for Drinks in Gulfport, MS

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Restaurants

If you love sushi and Japanese hibachi cooking, then you want to make sure the restaurant features a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A full listing of beverages should be provided to complement Japanese meal choices and specialties.

Japanese Sake

One of the alcoholic drinks in Gulfport, MS that is regularly enjoyed with Japanese food is sake. The term references Japanese rice wine known as nihonshu and is broadly used to reference Japanese alcohol. The drink that is created closely replicates the brewing of beer.

A More Traditional Drink

Among the many Japanese alcoholic drinks that are featured in Japanese restaurants, sake is typically considered more traditional than other beverages. Each variety of sake is categorized according to the method of brewing and the amount of rice milled. This amount can significantly impact the body and taste of the alcohol.

A Full-Bodied Sake

The three main types of saki drinks include junmai-shu, honjozo-shu, and ginjo-shu. Junmai-shu is the purest sake because extra starches, alcohol, or sugar are not included in the brew. Because the sake contains only 30% of milled rice, it is full-bodied in nature.

How Honjozo-Shu Is Made

Honjozo-shu is made with 30% milled rice and includes a small portion of alcohol. The alcohol is added to smooth the sake’s flavor, thereby making the drink somewhat fragrant.


Ginjo-shu, which is lighter-bodied, contains 40% of milled rice and is produced with distilled alcohol. Again, the alcohol smooths the flavor and adds fragrance to the drink.

A Top-Selling US Japanese Beer

A top-selling Asian beer in Gulfport and the US is Sapporo brand beer. This is one of the popular drinks that is often ordered with Asian cuisine. In Japan itself, Sapporo beer is the oldest brand of all beers. Top-of-the-line lagers are featured that are made with high-quality ingredients, thereby offering patrons such selections as black beer, premium light beer, premium beer, and reserve beer.

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