Luxury Hotels: For a Comfortable Stay

If someone is born and inherited with filthy amount of money, runs a business that has become a newspaper headlines at some point, or saves enough to have a perfect week of their lives, there is no better substitute than to spend it in luxury hotels. Though

Destination Hotels: Nature in Your Room

When we travel to a region of exotic natural beauty, we want to feel as close to it as much as possible. The beauty of destination hotels lies in highlighting the best and most exhilarating aspects of nature and surroundings so much so that we feel one

Boutique Hotels: The Change You are Looking For

Novelty and change has always been a part of man’s life and though some people may seek a conventional life, most enjoy and appreciate creativity that comes with new things. Boutique hotels are one such recent phenomenon that started around 80’s and have gained popularity ever since.

Cheap Hotels: For the Extra Bucks

The thing that is least appealing about a foreign place is that we have to shell out our hard earned cash not just for satiating our stomach but to even rest our head which otherwise cost us nothing in our house. Especially for those people who have